Eradicating Ecocide in Canada

Ecocide is the willful act of destroying the natural environment. Living in Canada, I’ve watched people commit acts of ecocide for decades. They purposely demolish our land through deforestation, pollution, and oil extraction. My research has proven that the United States is even worse. Everyone is more focused on making money than they are on saving what’s left of our land.

I’ve advocated for the eradication of ecocide for years, and we’ve made strides to change behavior. The problem is still happening, but I’m proud to say that higher government officials are now aware of the problem. As I delved deeper into my studies over the years, however, I became more intrigued by the other issues going on in both Canada and the United States.

While I’m an environmentalist at heart, I had to do so much reading on laws and policies that the field of criminal law really began to intrigue me. I know this site’s original purpose was to eradicate ecocide, and I still plan to do just that, but now, I think there’s a lot more to discuss here.

My New Focus is Criminal Law

I want my new focus moving forward to be on criminal law in both Canada and the United States. While I’ll admit that I’m new to this area, I’m excited to explore all of the different areas of criminal law and pinpoint the biggest pain points where change needs to be made. Who are the top lawyers in the top cities making a difference? What can we, as citizens, do to be more aware?

These are the questions I plan to answer. I’ll do my research just as I did before, only this time, it’ll be on crime. I’ll figure out what crimes are happening where and why they’re happening. I’ll find resources for those in need of support when a crime has been acted upon them. I want to be your go-to guide, and if I don’t have the answers, I’ll find someone who does and point you in their direction.

Let’s Make a Change

I feel that I succeeded in pushing the eradication of ecocide agenda forward. It takes an army to fight a war, and I was just one soldier in that army. The same goes for criminal law. I plan to join forces with other attorneys, advocates, and policy makers out there who are fighting for change in this field, and hopefully, my efforts will make a difference in criminal law just as they did before.