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No Nukes News: Nukes driving up power bills, May 25, 2012

Published on May 26, 2012 by in Home


May 25, 2012 – Please pass this onto a friend!

“Electricity is but the fleeting byproduct of nuclear power. The actual product is forever deadly nuclear waste.” Michael Keegan



Nukes driving up power bills

“We need to create a coalition of citizens to persuade Premier Dalton McGuinty and (Conservative Leader) Tim Hudak to say no to a nuclear program,” said Jack Gibbons.

There goes CANDU – SNC Lavalin scandal compromises CANDU support, nuclear security

Don’t Nuke T.O.

Check out the new youth-oriented anti-nuke group based in Toronto. And then join them!

Ontario / Canada’s Plans for a Nuclear Waste Dump on the Great Lakes

21 min. presentation with Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear

300 litres of heavy water spilled at Point Lepreau


The World

Fukushima Meltdown Hastens Decline of Nuclear Power

Worldwide overview

Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk

Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear speaks about the damage at Fukishima Daiichi

10 min. video

Busting the carbon and cost myths of Germany’s nuclear exit

Critics of the atomic phase-out said energy emissions, costs and imports would all rise. They were wrong

Elephants and other animals threatened by uranium mine

Sign the petition

Nuclear Banks No Thanks

Banks like to boast about their investments in ‘green’ tech and renewable energy but they also invest in nuclear power. You don’t see them boasting about that though.



The economics of energy conservation

The real reason for its (Denmark) smaller carbon footprint is its high electricity prices, which put a huge damper on power demand… Japan has no obvious substitute for its lost nuclear power. Practically and economically, that makes for a country highly motivated to adopt Danish-style energy conservation. The new catchword in Japan is setsuden, or electricity conservation.

Coal versus wind power: Which is safer?

By Gideon Forman, CAPE (Canadian Assoc. of Physicians for the Environment)

☢ SolarVision Awards are accepting nominations [no longer available but may be cached]

Celebrating solar visionaries and successes in Ontario


Act Now!

Hudak’s Nuclear Fantasy

Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak released his strategy to lower electricity rates, namely, cancelling the Green Energy Act’s feed-in-tariff for renewable energy and embarking on a major nuclear spending program to ensure that nuclear power will meet “half of our power needs.” Please send Mr. Hudak a message here xxx and ask him to develop a credible, fact-based strategy to cut the real waste in Ontario’s electricity system – nuclear power.

Order our new leaflet

calling on the ON gov’t to halt their massive nuclear expansion plans – they’re free and contain postcards to Energy Minister Bentley asking him to favour lower-cost, safer and greener options. Distribute them to your friends and neighbours.

Send an email to ON Energy Minister Bentley

and ask him to finish the coal phase-out in 2012 and invest in energy conservation rather than build or rebuild new nukes.

Please email Ontario’s Finance Minister Dwight Duncan

and tell him that the electricity sector review must include a “value for money” analysis of future supply options

Toronto area Youth Wanted for Environment Project

Are you interested in environmental issues? Do you want to meet other youth? Develop your research skills? Get paid an honorarium or earn community hours? We are looking for six researchers (ages 14-18) to join a project exploring the views of young people about nuclear power. Find out more by emailing Deadline to apply is May 26.

☢  Urge Canadian government to cancel proposed radioactive waste dumps on Great Lakes shoreline



The “Shocking” Cost of Energy

AWARE Simcoe is hosting a public meeting in Barrie, ON on energy and the cost to society of our current system in financial, social and environmental terms. With Jack Gibbons of OCAA. Sat. May 26

Electricity Storage – Wind and Solar as Clean as Complements

Thur. June 14, 4 – 6:30 p.m., Ryerson University, 147 Dalhousie St, Toronto

Renewable Energy Tour to Germany

June 30 – July 8, 2012


Angela Bischoff
Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Tel: 416 260-2080 x 1

160 John St., #300

Toronto, ON  M5V 2E5

No Nukes News

Health Power

Coal Must Go

Sign our Petition

Facebook – Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Twitter: @nonukebailouts

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