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Death of Evidence: PM Calls Young Activists ‘Uninformed’

Published on August 8, 2012 by in Home
by Amy Boughner



He’s got a Natural Resources Minister who calls environmentalists radicals and denies climate change is an issue. His Minister for the Environment who told the Rio+20 conference that some ecologists are spreading misinformation and promoting their own agenda. His government is known for putting big industry first in the name of the precious economy.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is no friend to the environment.

Now the PM has declared that young Canadians who are the most vocal in fighting for good environmental policy are ‘not well informed.’ The comment comes from an internal memo access by Postmedia News. Directed to Guy Saint-Jacques right after he was named ‘chief negotiator and ambassador for climate change’ by the Harper government in 2010.

The memo seems to imply that young activists can be ignored because they tend to “engage” only at large summits and in public advocacy.

Meanwhile at Rio+20, Canada and Venezuela combined to block attempts to limit government subsidies to the oil and gas industry. This is, of course, after Canada announced it was dropping out of Kyoto.

It has gotten so difficult for environmentalists to approach the federal government for change that many have given up and are trying to talk to the provinces. It seems as though Canada’s reputation on environmental issues will continue to deteriorate until 2015 when the next federal election is set to take place.

With many areas of the country seeing an early spring, record temperatures and drought conditions, perhaps by 2015 more Canadians will be convinced that climate change is an important issue for the federal government to focus on. SOURCE

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