A Look into the US Investment Industry

I know this site has changed focus a lot as time has gone on. At first, I focused on eradicating ecocide (hence the domain name). But then, I changed my focus to the study of criminal law throughout Canada and the United States. Now, I’ve broadened my reach even further and have become fascinated with all forms of law in Canada and the United States. I guess I have this desire to learn as much as possible about our societies and how they function. 

In this article, I decided to tackle a more complex topic: the US investment industry. When we think of lawyers, we usually assume they serve the common people. But the truth is, lawyers serve everyone. Even the wealthiest people need legal representation in certain circumstances.

Customer Disputes Against Financial Industry Professionals

Financial advisors, stockbrokers, and other financial industry professionals are great examples of elite people who often need lawyers. These professionals make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year working with wealthy clients on their investments. But when a broker’s customer leaves a complaint on the BrokerCheck database, it can ruin their career and their potential for future success. 

Even if the complaint isn’t valid, the broker or financial advisor will have a difficult time removing the complaint. There’s a complex process of expunging the complaint by review of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) arbitration panel. The broker may have to hire a FINRA expungement lawyer if they want assistance getting the complaint removed. These lawyers have in-depth knowledge of FINRA’s expungement process and can investigate customer disputes in detail.

Lawyers Help Everyone

What I realized when studying FINRA arbitration is that no one is safe from the law; even the wealthiest professionals can face hardships in which they need legal assistance. Thankfully, there are lawyers practicing in even the most targeted practice areas who can help these clients. Whether a client needs to sue for an injury, wants to file an employment dispute, has been charged with a crime, or needs a customer complaint expunged, someone in the world can likely offer guidance. 

Although Canada’s legal system isn’t as robust as the United States’, we also have the support of lawyers when times get hard. It’s comforting to know that no matter what happens, I can call up someone with significantly more knowledge than myself and they can save the day.