Can Speeding Tickets Lead to Jail Time?

Going a few miles per hour over the speed limit is something we often don’t think about until we see those blue lights in the mirror. You’ve been pulled over, and you’re, of course, a little nervous. What if you can’t pay the ticket? Can they send you to jail?

Unfortunately, you could be sent to jail for your speeding ticket. New York takes speeding seriously, so you’ll need an experienced lawyer to fight your speeding ticket. Otherwise, you could suffer some severe punishments for going a little fast.

The Points System

When you plead guilty to and pay a ticket, you’ll receive points on your license, based on your speeding offense. In most cases, you won’t be arrested for these points, even if you accrue more than eleven points. When you reach this amount, however, your license will be suspended.

Going well over the speed limit can get you in more serious trouble, however. If you’re speeding excessively, you could receive between fifteen and thirty days in jail for your actions. While this isn’t a common consequence, you could be arrested for these speeds.

Speeding with Other Considerations

In some cases, however, you might have been arrested for more than speeding. Many people who are driving while intoxicated are initially pulled over for speeding. Unfortunately, speeding at any time can be dangerous, but it’s especially dangerous then.

When you’re intoxicated, your judgement and reaction times are slowed. Driving under the influence means accidents are more likely, so if an officer pulls you over for speeding and for driving under the influence, you could be arrested for your actions.

While speeding rarely leads to jail time on its own, speeding can worsen many other dangerous conditions. If you were texting, talking, intoxicated, or otherwise distracted from your task while speeding, you could suffer more serious consequences than just a speeding ticket.

Fighting Back Against Jail Time

Unfortunately, while you might otherwise be a careful driver, a few miles over the speed limit could net you a speeding ticket. It’s unfortunate, but you will have the chance to fight back. You’ll need to plead “not guilty” and fight back if you want to avoid jail time.

When you’re pulled over for speeding, keep in mind that you could face an embarrassing arrest and jail time, so be ready to fight back. Speak to an attorney about your ticket, whether you could face jail time, and how you can avoid a speeding ticket altogether.