Wrongful Death Laws in Virginia

Losing a family member to someone else’s negligence is more than painful. It’s also frustrating to know that someone else caused your loved one’s passing. However, you don’t have to let them get away with it, or settle without compensation.

While they might pay with jail time for the death of your loved one, you and your family also deserve compensation for the pain you endured at the hands of the at-fault party. As such, you and your family may need to file a wrongful death claim for your losses.

However, before you begin, ensure that you understand the basics about wrongful death laws in Virginia. If you act too soon, you could lose your chance to recover your losses.

Time Limits for Wrongful Death

After the accident, you have a limited time to file your claim and get your compensation. If you don’t act within two years of the death, you won’t receive compensation for your recovery. This leaves your family to handle the financial losses for someone else’s mistake.

If you just discovered that your family’s case counts as a wrongful death, act fast, and speak to someone like the wrongful death attorneys of Halperin Law Center. You must file soon to get the compensation your family deserves.

Who is Eligible to File?

First, you must determine who’s eligible to file for a wrongful death suit. Unlike other injury claims, where the injured person files, there’s no possibility for the injured party to file. In Virginia, you must determine the “statutory beneficiaries,” or the family members who may file the claim and get the compensation.  

If your family seeks compensation for a loved one’s wrongful death, the following people may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim:

  • The deceased’s spouse
  • Children or grandchildren
  • Surviving parents or siblings
  • Other family members entitled to the estate

Get Help for Your Wrongful Death Claim

When a loved one dies because of someone’s negligence and carelessness with their safety, you must act fast to get the compensation you and your family need. Your time is limited, and every second counts.

You should find a lawyer who can help you understand the important laws related to your case. The above laws may be the most important ones, but other laws could affect your claim. Reach out for the help you need when someone has taken your loved one away from you.